HP Instant Ink Not Working After Factory Reset

hp instant ink not working

HP Instant Ink Not Working After Factory Reset: Causes and Solutions – In certain cases, HP Instant Ink can have difficulties following a factory reset. In this post, we are going to discuss why HP Instant Ink not work after a factory reset and their solutions.

Understanding HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink is an ink delivery service where you sign up for monthly plans that deliver fresh ink to your doorstep before you run out. It monitors your ink levels and orders another when you are running low. HP Instant Ink is a service that requires your HP printer to be connected to the internet and fit to register with HP Instant Ink to work correctly.

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Causes for HP Instant Ink Not Working After Factory Reset

1- Printer Deregistration: You might lose printer registration during the factory reset on the HP Printer, which results in all customization deleted including network settings and service registrations. What this means is that your printer is no longer linked up with the HP Instant Ink service.

2- Connectivity Problems: Factory resetting a printer also has the potential to break the Wi-Fi network that the printer is attached to. As you might expect, HP Instant Ink needs an always-on internet connection for your printer to report its ink levels back to HP and for you to converse with HP’s servers.

3 – Firmware Downgrade: In other cases, a hard reset may cause your measuring device to return to a previous version of the firmware. HP Instant Ink depends on certain firmware components to be able to work properly, if a firmware version is outdated, you may have issues.

3- Account Synchronization Issues: There could also be account synchronization issues between your HP Instant Ink account and the printer following a factory reset. Which could lead the service to not recognize that your printer is part of your subscription.

Solution For HP Instant Ink Not Working After Factory Reset

1- Re-register Your Printer:

  • The only way to re-subscribe to HP Instant Ink is to sign back up by re-registering your printer.
  • Visit your HP Instant Ink account via the HP Instant Ink website.
  • Go through with the prompts to Add a new printer.
  • Type in the Serial Number of your printer and complete the registration process according to the on-screen instructions.

2- Simply Reconnect to your Wi-Fi Network:

  • Check that your printer is connected to your Wi-Fi:
  • Go to the settings of the printer.
  • Choose Configure network settings.
  • Go through the steps to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

3- Update Firmware:

  • Update Your Printer Firmware
  • Go to the HP Support site and upload the most recent firmware for your form of printer.
  • Read the steps to download the firmware of your printer.

4- Synchronize Your Account:

  • There are times when manual synchronization between your printer and your HP Instant Ink account is necessary:
  • Sign in to your HP Instant Ink account if after re-registering and updating your printer.
  • Go to account settings and search for a synchronize/refresh devices option.
  • Then, follow the steps and make sure your printer is associated with your account.


HP Instant Ink has easily gotten disrupted with the status of the factory reset loss of registered or network issues outdated Firmware and account synchronization. You can prevent HP Instant Ink from working by re-registering your printer, obtaining a stable network connection, updating the firmware, and synchronizing your account. If that does not correct the problem, you should contact HP customer support for more assistance. These are the ways from which you can still take the benefits of service from HP Instant Ink such as seamless ink delivery.

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